The Tea Industry of Assam Valley represented by the five Employers’ Associations, namely:


1.       Indian Tea Association

2.       Tea Association of India

3.       Bharatiya Cha Parishad

4.       Assam Tea Planters’ Association

5.       North Eastern Tea Association


                                   The employees represented by the Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha.




1.  Shri  A. Awasthi

2.  Shri  M. Dasgupta                       Indian Tea Association

3.  Shri  Arijit Raha

4.  Shri  Dhiraj Kakati

5.  Shri  S. Ghosh 


6.  Shri  Sudhir Prakash

7.  Shri  N. K. Dharma 

8.  Shri  Kalyan Basu                       Tea Association of India

9.  Shri  C. P. Sharma

10. Shri  Ranjan Paul


11. Shri Mahadeo Jalan

12. Shri S.K.Lohia

13. Shri G. N. Singh                         Bharatiya Chah Parishad

14. Shri Robin Borthakur


15. Shri  A. R. Kasere

16. Shri  Rajib Baruah                       Assam Tea Planters Association 

17. Shri  D.Bora


19. Shri  Bidyananda Barkakoty          North Eastern Tea association

20. Shri  D. P. Khetan





1.   Shri Bhima Nanda Tanti. MLA (Acting President, ACMS)

2.    Shri D. Tanti. Ex-MLA (General Secretary, ACMS)  

3.   Shri  A.Tirky (MLA)

4.   Shri  Raju Sahu (MLA)

5.   Shri R.P. Singh (MLA)

6.   Shri  Lakheswar Tanti

7.   Shri G. Lohar

8.   Shri Nabin Chandra Keot

9.   Shri U.N.Sahu

10. Shri Prokash Nag

11. Shri Rupesh Gowala

12. Shri H.N.Gorh

13. Shri N.Patra

14. Shri C.K.Proja

15. Shri N. Tanti

16. Shri N. Kurmi

17. Shri Sibnath Tanti 

18. Shri T. Karmakar

19. Shri P. C. Rai

20. Shri Pankaj Das

21. Shri P. K. Murmoo

22. Shri Hiranmay Chanda

23. Shri B.Tanti

24. Shri P. C. Kumbhakar

25. Md. Nasiruddin Ahmed

26. Shri T. Keot

27. Shri B.B.Tanti

28. Shri D. S. Kujur

29  Shri L. Kurmi

30. Shri Basir Ahmed

31. Shri S. S. Gaur 

32. Shri K. Bibhar

33. Shri M. Goala




     The ACMS submitted a charter of demand for an increase in wages to make good the regional disparity in wages levels. After protracted discussions it was agreed to terminate the present agreement covering the period 01.01.2010 to 30.09.2013 and have a new wage agreement w.e.f. 1st of January 2012 far a periods of 3 years on the following terms and conditions.   




1. The wages of Daily Rates Workers of Assam valley would be revised as follows:


                                   Period                                                                  Adult


 From            01/01/2012 to 31/12/2012                           Rs.    84.00 per day

 From            01/01/2013 to 31/12/2013                           Rs.    89.00 per day

 From            01/01/2014 to 31/12/2014                           Rs.    94.00 per day


2. Attendance Allowance:


    To curb absenteeism, it is agreed that an attendance allowance @ ` 1 per day would be paid to those workers who will work for five or more days in a week. For this purpose authorized leave, festival holidays with pay and authorized sick leave will be deemed as a day worked. This allowance would be subject to review after expiry of one year.


    This attendance allowance will be introduced from the week beginning on or after 12th March, 2012 and will be computed on a week to week basis thereafter.


3.  The agreement will be given effect to from the wages period commencing on or after 1st of March, 2012 to 29.02.2012 will be paid by 30th June, 2012.


4. The agreement shall come in to force w. e. f. 01.01.2012 and shall remain in force up to 31.12.2014. The agreement dated 01.01.2010 stands terminated w. e. f. 01.01.2012.


5. This agreement will be deemed to a “Settlement” as defined in Section 2(p) of the Industrial Disputes Act and will be binding on the parties as provided for in Section 18 of the said Act.


Representative of the Employers’ Association                                   Representative OF Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha




Dated 1st March, 2012


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