The Tea Industry of Assam Valley represented by the five Employers’ Associations, namely:


1.       Indian Tea Association

2.       Tea Association of India

3.       Bharatiya Cha Parishad

4.       Assam Tea Planters’ Association

5.       North Eastern Tea Association


                                   The employees represented by the Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha.






1.  Shri  C.S.Bedi

2.  Shri  R.K.Gogoi

3.  Shri  M. Dasgupta                     Indian Tea Association

4.  Shri  Arijit Raha

5.  Shri  A. Awasthi

6.  Shri  Dhiraj Kakati

7.  Shri  Sandip Ghosh 


8.  Shri  Sudhir Prakash

9.  Shri  H. Dutta                          Tea Association of India

10.  Shri  J. N. Baruah

11. Shri  Ranjan Paul


12. Shri   Ranjit Bagaria                  Bharatiya Chah Parishad

13. Shri   Robin Borthakur


14. Shri  A. R. Kesera

15. Shri  D. Bora                           Assam Tea Planters Association 



16. Shri  Bidyananda Barkakoty        North Eastern Tea association





1.   Shri P. S. Ghatowar. (Chief Adviser, ACMS Central Office)        

2.    Shri D. Tanti. Ex-MLA (General Secretary, ACMS Central Office)  

3.   Shri  R.P. Singh (MLA)

4.   Shri  Raju Sahu (MLA)

5.   Shri  A.Tirky (MLA)

6.   Shri N. Tanti

7.   Shri Lakheswar Tanti  

8.   Shri U.N.Sahu

9.   Shri N.Patra

10. Shri H.N.Gorh

11. Shri Rupesh Gowala

12. Shri Nabin Chandra Keot

13. Shri N. Kurmi 

14  Shri Pankaj Das

15. Shri B.N.Bhuyan (Ex MLA)

16. Shri B. Nag

17. Shri B.N.Tanti

18. Shri B.B.Tanti 

19. Shri S.S.Gaur

20. Shri D.S.Kujur

21. Shri C.K. Parjai

22. Md. Nasiruddin Ahmed

23. Shri T.S. Kurmi

24. Shri Prokash Nag

25. Shri G. Lohar

26. Shri P.C.Kumbhakar

27. Shri Indra Nayak

28. Shri T. Keot




The Union had requested review of dry tea issued to daily rated workers and enhancement quantity of firewood for members of sub-staff. The Union also requested that incentive be given to workers engaged in spraying operations during ticca plucking season.


Following several rounds of bilateral discussions between the Union and AVBCCPA, an agreement has been arrived at on the following terms.




1. Dry Tea:-


(a)  Dry Tea issue as per Clause B - Fringe Benefits of Agreement dated 10th November, 1979 fixed at 600 gms per family per month for permanent workers would be enhanced to 900 gms per month and for single workers would be enhanced form 300 gms to 450 gms per month with effect from 1st September, 2011.

(b)  Similarly, the entitlement for dry tea of sub- staff and other monthly rated employees would be enhanced from 950 gms per family per month (Clause 2 of Agreement dated 16th November, 1995) to 1425 gms per family per month with effect from 1st September, 2011. Single workers entitlement would be enhanced from 475 gms per month to 715 gms per month.

(c)  Other conditions remaining the same temporary workers will receive dry tea at an enhanced rate of 300 gms per month with effect 1st September, 2011.


2. Firewood issued to Sub- Staff:-


The firewood entitlement of Sub-Staff as per Agreement dated 10th November, 1979 was fixed at 228 cft. with effect from cold weather of 1979-80. As a special token gesture and without setting a precedence, the firewood issue for members of Sub-Staff will be increased to 342 cft with effect from the cold weather of 2011-12, the other conditions of issue remaining unchanged.

The above arrangement/agreement will be interim arrangement till such time LPG is made available as per agreement dated 10th June,1992.


3. Incentive to Sprayers during ticca periods:-


It was decided that sparyers engaged in sparying will get an additional compensation of Rs. 3.00 per day during the ticca periods only commencing from 1st August, 2011.


4. The terms of this Agreement shall not affect any existing arrangement between individual managements and workers which are considered to be more beneficial.



Representative of the Employers’ Association                                   Representative OF Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha








Dated 26th August, 2011


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