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1) Name of the Branch:                  Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha

                                           Panitola Branch.

                                                                       (Affiliated to INTUC No. IV/2211 of 1959, IUF, BWI & IFBWW)

                                                                       Register No: 445.


2) Address:                                             Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha

                                                                        Panitola Branch,

                                                                        Subachani Road,

                                                                        P.O.: Tinsukia,  Dist: Tinsukia,  786125,  ASSAM.

 3) E-mail  Address:                


4) Phone No:                                         0374-2335307 (O)

                                                      094350-36912 (M)


5) Name of the Office Bearers:  Sri Topeswar Nayak. (President)

                                                                        Sri Nilambar Tanti.  (Vice President)

                                                                        SriGanesh Tanti (Vice President)

                                                                        Smt. Sakila Patnayak.  (Vice President)

                                                                        Sri Raju Sahu MLA  (Secretary)

                                                                        Sri Madhab Mu.  (Treasurer)

6) No of Tea Estates UnderACMS Panitola Branch:            

                                                                       Total No of Tea Gardens =   28

                                                                       Total Permanent Workers:  12,000(approx)

                                                                       Total No Casual Workers:      8,000(approx)



President, ACMS, Panitola Branch

Secretary, ACMS, Panitola Branch


S. No.

Name of the Garden

Telephone No & WLL No

Area of the Garden in Hectare

Labour Strength

Productivity in Kg.

E-Mail Address


Ahmedy T.E.







Baghbari T.E.







Bherjan T.E.







Balijan T.E.

0373-2864545 0373-2864561

0373-2910750 0373-2910366






Chubua T.E

0373-2864526 0373-2864676






Chandmari T.E.







Dhelaghat T.E.


0374-2120638 0373-2120639






Dinjoyee T.E.

0373-2864522 0373-2300490 0373-2301118






Dinjan T.E.

0373-2388347 0373-2388565 0373-2388554


Ethelbari T.E.

0374-2306397 03751-260096 






Gillapukuri T.E.







Hukanpukuri T.E.















0374-2855425 0373-2855595




Jalpunia T.E.







Kajanibari T.E.







Kharjan T.E.

0373-2914360 0373-2914791 






Limbuguri T.E.







Moud T.E.








Nalani T.E.

0374-2237623 0374-2237502


Nokhry T.E.

0374-2337731 0374-2335309


Panitola T.E.

0374-2855725 0374-2855462 0374-2855681 0374-2855442






Pipratuli T.E.

0373-2333376 0373-2864525

0373-2100090 0373-2100092






Parshuram T.E.







Padumini T.E.







Rangagora T.E.





Sealkotee T.E.


0373-2864538 0373-2864942







Udalguri T.E.

0373-2388549 0361-2661521 0361-2664572






7) Branch Presidents: 

  1. Late Dhaneswar Moran.

  2. Late Sunil Kumar Nag.

  3. Late Kishor Tripathi.

  4. Late Chanu Urang.

  5. Sri Tirtha Bug.

  6. Sri Binod Tanti.

  7. Sri Manohar Nag.

  8. Sri Topeswar Nayan (2015 on wards……………)

    Branch Secretaries:  

  1. Late Upendra Nath Sanatan (1958 to 2002)

  2. Sri Tileswar Kurmi  (2002 to 2007)

  3. Sri Raju Sahu MLA  (2007 on wards…………….)

8) History of Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha, Panitola Branch:    

  • Amongst many steps of  “INTUC” leaders  since 1947, Panitola Circle of ACMS is a  remarkable one.  The then leaders opened office   in a small rented house at Lal Bangla Road, Tinsukia to achieve their goal for betterment and to uplift the Tea Garden Workers covering the Tea Gardens under Panitola Circle  numbering 28 (twenty eight) and it’s Out Division 15 (fifteen) in number.

  • The leaders like Patras Ekka, Sunil Nag, Jadu Nath Bhuyan, Radha Nath Khemka,  Baleswar Gupta, Parshuram Dutta, Rajen   Phukan and many others of  Tinsukia along with  leaders like Kamakhya Prasad Tripathy, Robin Kakoti, Durgeswar Saikia, Jibon Ram Phukan, Dolbir Singh Lohar, Chanu Kharia, Probin  Goswami, Mohendra Sharma, Sarbeswar Bordoloi and etc. started to organise the Tea Garden Workers first to aware that they were not slave, they had also right to live and to enjoy also like human being.  The leaders had to struggle day and night for this year after year, ultimately  they achieved success.  The Tea Garden Workers were organised and become member of ACMS. Then ACMS, Panitola Circle took up the  grievances of the Workers concerned to settle  with the Management.

  • Time rolled on.  ACMS is Centralised instead of Circle in a joint meeting of  INTUC  and ACMS Circle on 9th August, 1958.  ACMS  Panitola Circle become Branch of ACMS Central  Office Dibrugarh under Registered No. 445 and  is known as ACMS, Panitola Branch which an   Executive Committee whose function is to manage it.

  • Since 1958, ACMS Panitola Branch is functioning for overall development of the Tea Garden Workers persuing the Management    to implement various Acts and Rules applicable to the Tea Garden Workers concerned negotiating with the Management time to time.  Even Panitola Branch has tireless effort to educate the children of the Tea Garden Workers  rendering financial Assistance to them, to improve also social and economic status of the  Tea Garden Workers concerned, upgrading living  condition in a hygienic manner.

  • ACMS, Panitola Branch has organised Inter Garden Football Competition namely (Late Upendra Nath Sanatan & Late Sukurmoni Sahu  Memorial Inter Garden Football Tournament) to develop sports spirit of the   young generation.

  • Beside this, the Tea Garden Workers under ACMS Panitola Branch are encouraged to maintain their indigenous culture and are able to  participate in the State Function and Festival   also.   

  • ACMS, Panitola Branch is deputing representatives belonging to Tea Garden Workers in the Seminars and Trainings sponsored by Central Board of Workers Education and other International Union out side of the State to enlighten and to aware of  them in the matter relating to the Industry and  the Workers.

  • The office of ACMS, Panitola Branch is shifted from Lal Bangla Road to a rented house in the Development Office Area.  After that, the   then Secretary, Sri Upendra Nath Sanatan  (MLA) arranged  land for ACMS, Panitola   Branch and its Office Building was constructed in  1974. Panitola Branch has owned  A MARUTI  VAN during the tenure of the then Secretary, Sri Tileswar Kurmi to contact immediately with its  member in interior garden. In 2005, the then  Vice-President and now the Secretary of ACMS,  Panitola Branch, Sri Raju Sahu (MLA) has  opened a vocational Training Centre for the Tea Garden Women only to provide opportunity for  self employment and in the meantime, hundred  of them have already trained.

  • ACMS, Panitola Branch has also own land of 50 (Fifty) Bighas where also there is a big  building which is hired for outside police personal on rental basis with a view to run up welfare activities for the Tea Garden Workers  and hence it is named as “SEVA KENDRA” for   long run economic benefit.  Now Sri Raju Sahu (MLA) / Secretary, ACMS, Panitola Branch extends the Office Building for better future.  A most Decorative Gate is constructed  by him to mark the memory of ACMS Golden  Jubilee 2008.

  • ACMS, Panitola Branch is now going to be Totally Computerised and it is already on process.  ACMS, Panitola Branch has a conference Hall in  Office Campus, which is adorned also with two  colour T. V.

  • In a nutshell, ACMS, Panitola Branch has an utmost effort to achieve its goal to make the Tea Garden Workers – a developed society – economically, socially   and culturally.

9) Branch Welfare Activities:  

             ACMS, Panitola Branch as advised by ACMS, Central  Office, has taken up the labour grievances as per Grievance Procedure. It has circle wise Agreement with the Management’s Association on cash compensation in lieu of   Firewood and Cold Weather Tasks. The living and working conditioned of the workers are given top priority so that the workers concerned can live and work without difficulty. Two  Tea Estates – Hukanpukuri T. E. and  Chandmari T. E. were closed by the Management on the plea of financial  stringency. At the initiation of ACMS, (Central Office) and  this Branch Office, this two Tea Estates are re-opened and  now are functioning. Beside this, this Branch Office has   taken up always positive step to provides benefits and  facilities as per worker’s entitlement and also out of Govt.  Fund for their over all development.

10) Details Property of ACMS Panitola Branch: 


            Own Patta Land in Subachani Road,  Tinsukia Town immoveable Properties, Office Building, New construction is going on, Meeting Hall , Own Transport Car, T.V., Computers,   Seva Kendra Buildings, 50 Bighas  Small Tea Garden at Seva Kendra, Knitting Cutting Training Centre, Seva Kendra L.P. School, Seva Kendra Play Ground and many other thing like Printer,  Type  writer/duplicating machine etc.

11) Name of the Staff members: 

  1. Smti  Deepali Bhattacharjee, (Deputy Secretary)

  2. Sri      Abraham Tirkey,  (Sr. Organiser).

  3. Sri      Hiranmay Chanda, (Accountant).

  4. Sri      Ranju Hazarika,  (Typist cum Office Assistant.)

  5. Sri      Padmeswar Gowalla, (Organiser).

  6. Sri      Gangadhar Tripathi,  (Organiser).

  7. Sri      Deepak Teli,  (Driver).

  8. Sri      Chandra  Prodhan,  (Chowkider).  

Late Upendre Nath Sanatan, Ex- Secretary Sri Tileswar Kurmi, Ex- Secretary Late Sunil Kumar Nag, Ex-President
Sri Tirtha Bag, Ex-President Late Chunu Urang, Ex-President Office Staff
Late Kishor Tripathi, Ex-President Inauguration of Helth Camp Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Golden Jubilee Celebrations Football Tournament Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Golden Jubilee Celebrations Golden Jubilee Celebrations Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Seva Kendra Tea Garden ACMS Office Building Seva Kendra Field
Seva Kendra School Unit Official 2008 Seva Kendra Building
Ex-President, ACMS Panitola Branch Ex-President, ACMS Panitola Branch